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  • Artist Information

  • Artwork

  • Size

    2D work should not exceed 28” in width or 65” in length. 3D work must be freestanding and easily moved, not to exceed 35 pounds.

  • IMAGE UPLOAD NOTE: Please submit the highest quality image possible. Visit the Photo Editing Resources page for tips and links to editing software.
    • 1200 pixels minimum on the long side [REQUIRED]
    • 5 MB maximum file size [REQUIRED]
    • File types accepted are jpg, jpeg, gif & png [REQUIRED]
  • Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, gif, png.

  • Terms and Conditions

  • Entry Procedure

    • Please read and accept this document to confirm your understanding of the terms, and to confirm your participation in this exhibition.

    • Work must be delivered to the Glen Arbor Arts Center by the drop-off dates designated in the prospectus. All work must have identification [ artist’s name, phone number, email ] on the back of 2-D work; or affixed to 3-D work.


    The Glen Arbor Arts Center receives 40% of the retail price established by the artist, and the artist receives 60%. The Glen Arbor Arts Center will collect 6% sales tax on every sale.

    Exhibitor Agrees:

    • The Glen Arbor Arts Center will not be responsible for any pieces delivered in damaged condition.

    • The art submitted for exhibition will remain the property of the artist until sold.

    • It is agreed that due care will be taken of each piece of art submitted. However, it is also agreed that the GAAC, and/or its representatives, will not be held liable for situations over which they have no control.

    • The artwork will remain in the gallery for the duration of the show — the artist agrees to remove the artwork by the date indicated in the prospectus. The GAAC is not responsible for art left on our site past the pick-up due date and may take possession of the work after 30 days.

    • The GAAC is unable to insure works at this time.

    The Exhibitions Committee and the GAAC staff reserve the right to the final selection of works. Unaccepted work will be held until pick-up unless other arrangements are made by the GAAC.

    By checking the box below, you are indicating agreement to all terms and conditions listed, and that the artwork submitted is an original created personally by the artist. You are also releasing photographic rights to the GAAC for the purposes of promoting the exhibit and posting on the GAAC website and social media outlets.

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