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Collaborative Wellness Project Launches May 27th

Six Northern Michigan Arts and Culture Organizations are teaming up to bring a virtually accessible, weekly project that is centered around wellness to their communities. Art Rapids, Arts for All of Northern Michigan, Glen Arbor Arts Center, Parallel 45 Theatre, and Oliver Art Center are collaborating to launch “Wellness Wednesdays”.

The goal of this project will provide community wellness through creative opportunities like working with clay, improvisation, painting, and more.  Wellness Wednesdays will support local artists who will provide professional art classes, demonstrations, and articles every Wednesday to organization members and friends for free on the organization Facebook pages.  Each week a different arts organization will host and curate offerings. A virtual tip jar will be provided to give direct support to the artists providing the content. The project will run from May 27th – July 1st.

The act of being creative is the key as this process helps to decrease everyday stress and anxieties. Participating in the arts can help with depression, increase positive emotions, and improve immune system functioning.

This project is generously sponsored in part by the Grand Traverse Regional Community Foundation, and is currently continuing to seek sponsorships

For more information and to see the schedule of upcoming Wellness Wednesday projects you may visit the Arts for All website here: https://www.artsforallnmi.org/wellness-wednesdays/.

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