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Creativity Q+A Video with Linda Alice Dewey and Anne-Marie Oomen

A conversation with painter Linda Alice Dewey and poet Anne-Marie Oomen about their collaborative project On The Precipice, a small exhibition of four paintings and four companion poems on display in the Glen Arbor Arts Center’s Lobby Gallery [April 29 – August 11, 2022]. The GAAC’s exhibition, and this conversation, is an exploration of how artists collaborate, and the tradition of ekphrasis – the practice of creating a literary description of a work of art.

2022 Outdoor Gallery Panel Auction

Auction is April 26 – 28, 2022

All five panels from the Glen Arbor Arts Center’s 2021 Outdoor Gallery exhibition will be available for acquisition. The GAAC is holding an online auction April 26-28, 2022. The 5-foot square artworks are reproductions of original, acrylic paintings by Traverse City artist Pam Spicer, winner of the 2021 Outdoor Gallery competition.

The panels are lightweight aluminum finished with a weather-resistant coating. They now hang on the GAAC’s exterior walls, and may be viewed at any time. Proceeds from the auction benefit the GAAC’s Outdoor Gallery project.


Online bidding begins April 26, 9 am, and concludes on April 28, 2 pm. Opening bids begin at $600/panel minimum.

You must be registered or logged in to your account before you are able to place a bid. On each auction product page, there is tabbed information about bidding [how to place your bids], artwork details [technical information about the panels, pick-up, winner responsibilities], and an artist’s bio. You may want to read this information in advance of your bidding. When the bidding opens, there will also be a history of bids tab you can view.

Take A Look

You can get nose-to-nose with the Outdoor Gallery panels anytime of the day or night. They’re always on view on the exterior walls of the GAAC.

Read about the 2021-22 Outdoor Gallery exhibition of Pam Spicer’s work here.

You must login or register to bid on auction items when the auction is open. It is not necessary to login for viewing only.

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2022 Manitou Music Poster Winner

Paul Olsen’s oil-on-canvas painting, North Manitou Shoal Light Station, is the Glen Arbor Arts Center’s 2022 Manitou Music poster image.

Olsen’s painting was selected by the GAAC’s Manitou Music Poster Committee from a field of 31 entries. The 2022 poster is available can be viewed and purchased online and the GAAC office.

The GAAC’s Manitou Music Poster Competition is an annual event that had been open only to GAAC members. The 2023 poster competition will be open to anyone. Applications for the 2023 poster competition can be found online at GlenArborArt.org/ARTISTS in May, 2022. Deadline for submissions is mid-September.

After a year on COVID-hiatus, the Manitou Music Series returns in 2022. It has been reconfigured and updated to include dance and performance in addition to musical acts. For more information about the Manitou Music Series go to GlenArborArt.org.

2022 Manitou Music Poster by Paul Olsen

$ 18.00

North Manitou Shoal Light Station
Manitou Passage
18″ x 24″


“The North Manitou Shoal Light (affectionately known as ‘The Crib’) has been part of the Manitou Passage’s unique horizon since 1935 and holds a special place in my memories of Pyramid Point,” Olsen said. “Whether falling asleep in my camp bunk to the sound of the fog horn, watching ships pass by it on my grandparents’ porch, or seeing the pulsing red light from the bluffs at night, I have spent a lifetime admiring it from afar.”

In summer 2021 Olsen toured The Crib with the North Manitou Light Keepers. “The painting captures the moment the boat pulled up,” he said, “brilliant blue skies contrasting the radiant white of the refurbished exterior — the moment a distant beacon became tangibly close.”

Creativity Q+A video with the Big Heads Corp.: Papier Mache

As part of the GAAC’s PaperWork exhibition, we’re in conversation with two people for whom the old art of papier mache is foundational to their work – Dorienne Sherrod and Sharon Morris of the Big Heads Corp. The Big Heads are the world’s largest collection of papier mache sculptures: animals, cartoon characters and famous people, and they’re a beloved component of the 98-year-old Thanksgiving Parade in Detroit. Watch the conversation here.

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