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2022 Clothesline Exhibit: Prayer Flags Prospectus

Glen Arbor Arts Center [GAAC] May 28 – August 18, 2022
Deadline for submissions: May 13, 2022

The Glen Arbor Arts Center looks to the East for inspiration for the 2022 Clothesline Exhibit. This year’s theme is prayer flags.

The Clothesline Prayer Flags Exhibit [May 28 – August 18] is an open-air exhibition of small work. It is part of the GAAC’s exhibition FLAGS [in the GAAC Main Gallery May 27 – August 18]. Makers of all skill levels are invited to create a prayer flag in any material + media including painting, drawing, photograph, collage, paper, fabric, plastic.

About Prayer Flags

A Tibetan prayer flag is a colorful, rectangular cloth, often found strung along trails and peaks high in the Himalayas. They are used to bless the surrounding countryside, and for other purposes. Traditionally, prayer flags are used to promote peace, compassion, strength, and wisdom. The flags do not carry prayers to gods, which is a common misconception; rather, the Tibetans believe the prayers and mantras will be blown by the wind to spread the good will and compassion into all-pervading space.

Prayer flags are thought to bring benefit to all. The flags are primarily for the benefit of the world, not for the individual who hangs them. It is believed that the sacred texts and symbols printed on them have a vibration that is activated and carried by the wind, so that all who are touched by that wind are blessed.


Tibetan prayer flags are printed with symbolic images and mantras that come from the Buddhist tradition. Think about the images and thoughts you want to print/stitch/stencil/paint/draw/transfer onto your own prayer flag[s]. What hopes, dreams, concerns, kindness do YOU want to put out into the universe through your flag? Want to look at some contemporary prayer flags? Look here at examples from The Prayer Flag Project.


All prayer flags must measure 5” by 7”. Each work will be pinned to a clothesline in front of the GAAC building at 6031 S. Lake St., Glen Arbor.

New in 2022

Unlike past Clothesline Exhibits, this year’s work/the prayer flags will NOT be exhibited in a clear envelope. They will hang in the open air, and will be subjected to the elements – in keeping with the spirit and traditions of the practice. Faded color is a good sign in a prayer flag. It means the prayers have been carried by the wind. The more faded the flag, the more prayers that have been spread.

Also New in 2022

Participants may contribute up to two [2] prayer flags to the Clothesline Exhibit.


Traditionally, prayer flags come in sets of five colors to represent the five elements:. Blue symbolizes the sky and space, white symbolizes the air and wind, red symbolizes fire, green symbolizes water, and yellow symbolizes earth. According to traditional Tibetan medicine, health and harmony are produced through the balance of the five elements. Please honor the prayer flag tradition and create work using these colors.

How to Submit

Submissions must have the maker’s name, and email contact on the back of the artwork. There is no charge to participate. Participants may submit up to two [2] prayer flags to the Clothesline Exhibit. Drop off submissions at the GAAC during regular office hours; or mail them to the GAAC: PO Box 305, Glen Arbor, Michigan 49636, ATTN: Clothesline Exhibit. Deadline for submissions is May 13, 2022.


There will be no sales of artwork/prayer flags exhibited in the 2022 Clothesline Exhibit.

Return of Artwork

Artwork may be picked up at the GAAC at the end of the exhibition; or returned by mail if a pre-paid, self-addressed envelope is provided. Prayer flags that are not claimed at the end of the exhibition become the property of the GAAC.

View It

You can enjoy the GAAC’s Clothesline Exhibit 24/7, rain or shine.

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